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statsGraph The odds that Poker Roommate calculates are shown in the square boxes of the large GUI, or in the right column of the small GUI.
The odds of getting at least any given hand are shown in each corresponding box.
These odds include however many cards are left to be dealt. i.e. if you have a pair dealt to your hand, the odds shown for getting 2 pair includes the possibilities of getting it on the flop turn or river.
Poker Roommate finds these odds by a combination of table look-up and exhausting every possible hand you could receive.
You can select how many hands for Poker Roommate to emulate by changing the Hands to Play on the main interface.
Poker Roommate will then take your hand and all cards shown; pit them against random hands the selected number of times, and see how many times you come up winning.
You can run up to 100,000 simulations.
The more random hands played, the more accurate the results.
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