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April 10 , 2005
Poker Site Compatibility List

Below is a list of the sites which Poker Roommate can automatically capture the cards for without interaction. Poker Roommate operates on a plugin system, and for the sake of download size the plugins are not included in the Poker Roommate installation file. The plugins you select will be automatically downloaded by clicking the "Install" button in the Poker Room selection window.
Of course any poker site is also compatible via manual card input.
There are a lot of poker sites listed on this page. A quick way to see if your favorite is listed is by hitting <ctrl> + F, and typing in your site's name.


Adult Poker Tour
Aloha Poker
Casual Poker
Choice Poker
City Lights Poker
Cyber Bet Poker
Delta Poker
DSI Poker
Emerald Poker
Fabulous Poker
Live Action Poker
MegaComps Poker
Panther Poker
Poker Boat
Poker Piazza
Poker Shootout
Poker Island
Poker Playground
PST Poker
Round Table Poker
Texas Poker Party
Top Hand Poker
Tournament Network
Vegas Poker Trip

Action Poker

BreakAway Poker
Express Poker
Parthenon Poker
Pleasure PAN Palace
Private 1 Casino
ProJo Casino
Superior Poker
Taiwan Casino
Tiger Gaming
Alumni Poker
Asia Casino Games
Atlantis World Poker
Holy Cow Poker
Island Poker
Korea Casino

B2B Poker

Bet 24
No.1 Poker
The Gutshot Poker Collective


Poker Pages
Poker School Online
Bugsys Club

iGlobalMedia Poker Network

Coral / Eurobet

Independent / Non-networked

Poker World
Poker Stars

Poker Network

Hollywood Poker
Bet on Bet
Bayou Poker
Lucky River Poker

TBD Network

24x7 Poker
Bogarts Poker
Redilight Poker
Poker Elite
Sporting Odds
Mardi Gras Poker

Capture Problems?
These plug-ins are based on 10 player tables. If your poker site uses a different table image for maximum players less than 10, it may screw up the emulation statistic as the number of players may be read incorrectly.

If a site listed above no longer seems to be working, first check to see if an updated plugin is available. If not, then please contact me with the name of the site. Although I wish I could play poker all day on each of these sites in order to ensure continued operation, sadly I cannot. Thus I am relying on you to report if your favorite site no longer works.

January 24, 2006
Soon to be Added

Click here for a list of the poker rooms which will son be added.
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