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Video Poker
There is a lot of down time between hands, while waiting for the next hand to start. There are a few games you can play for fun included in Poker Roommate to help pass the time.
The first is a Video Poker game via the Options-Games-Video Poker menu. This game is set up like a Jacks or Better video poker game one may find in a casino. It will keep track of your bankroll between uses if you get up above the $100 starting funds. If you drop below that, it will start you back at $100 next time you run Poker Roommate. You can bet up to $100 per hand, or your entire bankroll given it is above that.
blackJack You can also play a BlackJack game via the Options-Games-BlackJack menu. This is a simple 21 game set up like one may find in a casino.
The bankroll between Video Poker and BlackJack is the same. You can bet up to $100 per hand, or your entire bankroll given it is above that.
Poker Trivia
The third game is a Poker Trivia game.
It asks Poker questions, and keeps tally of how many you get correct per 10 question rounds. It also keeps a running total of how many you can answer correctly in a row. The Trivia database can also automatically update itself via the internet.
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