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Choosing your Card Capture Settings

Changing the Settings
There are two ways to utilize the Poker Roommate software.
Poker Roommate can capture any cards you are dealt automatically, or you can enter them manually.
You can change this setting through the "Poker Room" menu item.
Choosing your poker room
PRSelect Poker Roommate operates on a plugin system. In order to capture cards from a particular poker site, it must have the plugin for that site. You can select and install plugins through this form. By clicking Find New, Poker Roommate will populate the list of available poker site plugins. You can then install your favorite site's plugin, choose that plugin for card capturing and click OK. In this picture, the poker site is and the plugin is for their downloadable software.
Manual Input
The other way to use the Poker Roommate is by manually entering the cards. If you would like to just find out odds, or if you would like to play on a site which is not supported yet, you can choose manual from the input menu. The window to the right will pop up, and you can click on each card you get. If you accidentally click an incorrect card, you can click it again and it will be removed. Poker Roommate will automatically calculate odds after each set of cards have been entered. (Hand, Flop, Turn, River.) manualPick
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