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Bad Boys of Poker

Bad Boys of Poker One Night Determines the Ultimate Bad Boy of Poker!
Las Vegas is the setting for wicked bluffs and nasty gutshot draws as five of poker's most notorious personalities strut their stuff during championship play. Watch as three-time WPT winner Gus Hansen goes up against brash Antonio Esfandiari, smooth-as silk Paul "The Truth" Darden, hooded genius Phil Laak and the devil himself, David "Devilfish" Ulliott. Thrown into the group, like a lamb to the wolves, is Illinois bank teller Mark Richards who won his seat at the table during a WPT satellite tournament.
Special Features:
-Commentary by Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak
-Bad Boy Bios - find out why these pros are considered the "Bad Boys" of poker
-Bad Boy Moments - outrageous moments from the WPT tour

Masters of Poker:Phil Hellmuth's Mill

Masters of Poker:Phil Hellmuth's Mill The third volume in the Phil Hellmuth MASTERS OF POKER video series is what everyone has been waiting for. Finally, for the first time ever, 9 time world champion of poker, Phil Hellmuth, reveals his MILLION DOLLAR TOURNAMENT STRATAGIES that have mad him the best NO LIMIT, TEXAS HOLD 'EM Tournament player in the world. Learn what it takes to enter and win major tournaments like THE WOLRD SERIES OF POKER. After making this incredible video, Phil realized that he might have given away too many secrets! But there's no turning these secrets can be yours!!!

Britepoker's Wiz Kid's Guide to Dominating Internet Poker

Britepoker's Wiz Kid's Guide to Dominating Internet Poker In this video you'll learn from internet poker wiz Mike Nowotarski: - internet poker tells - how to read your opponents online - which cardrooms to play at - online sit-n-go tournament strategy - and how to find the best signup bonuses

Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament - Series 1

Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament - Series 1 The first season of Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament, which aired for 12 consecutive weeks, proved to be a ratings hit with poker champ Gus Hansen capturing the top prize. First-run episodes increased the household audience on FSN by 96% compared to the same time slot one year before. In the series, the world's best players match wits and skill in the most exciting poker tournament ever! Stakes are high and the gambling is intense in this fast-paced series. Join the action as legendary players battle rising superstars in this thrilling no limit Texas Hold'em championship. Who will be the first to cash in when the chips are down?

Britepoker's Guide to Dominating Poker

Britepoker's Guide to Dominating Poker Britepoker takes you from the basics of play through advanced techniques, that teach you an aggressive style of play, which will put you in control of the table. This volume covers the basics of play, position, specifics of pre-flop, flop, turn and river play, calculating odds, raising, check-raising, bluffing, and tells.
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