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Old Release Information

Due to plugin incompatibilities, the older releases are no longer available for download. This list is offered as information on the new features and bug fixes of each release.

Version 1.03 released October 8th, 2004

I added a video poker game accessible via Options-Games-Video Poker. This way, you have something fun to do between hands.
I also added a splash screen while Poker Roommate Loads.
I redrew all the pictures of cards Poker Roommate uses, so they aren't so pixely.

Version 1.02 released September 27th, 2004

I added a poker trivia game accessible via Options-games-Poker Trivia. This way, you have something to do between hands, and you can learn something about poker while you do it. If you have some good trivia to add, let me know. I've added an auto-update feature to the trivia engine so that questions can be added any time after download.

Version 1.01 released September 25th, 2004

I added the ability to manually input cards if you prefer another online casino, or just want to play around with the program without having to play against others.

Version 1.0 released September 23rd, 2004

The setup program is finished
You can now emulate up to 50,000 hands rather than just 10,000.
If the PokerRoom window is positioned in such a way that it is partially off the screen, Poker Roommate will no longer crash.
If the PokerRoom window is covered by another window, in previous releases, Poker Roommate would hog very near 100% of the CPU continuously until the window was visible once again. I significantly reduced that CPU usage.
The help window is fixed, and some topics are updated.

Beta Releases

Beta 1.5

Beta v1.5 is now out. I believe I have a final working version of the emulation, but I have included the debugging program anyways. Please run it for me as the directions under Beta 1.3 indicate, so I can be sure.

Issues Resolved:
Some closing issues.
A couple errors throwing the emulation statistic off by about 1/20000. I ran my debugging tests and found no errors out of 530,000 hands emulated, which is pretty exciting; for me at least.
I also fixed a couple bugs in the Stop button (Replacing the Go! button once started.) It may still be a little buggy.

Some known bugs, or things to look for include:
Sometimes it doesn't close down nicely. You may have to kill the process via <ctrl><alt><delete> --> processes <End Process>
It can only capture cards if you can see the play area - I'm working on capturing just the PokerRoom window, regardless if it's behind other things or not, but for now it's good enough.
How's the size of the thing on different resolutions? I've only tested 2 PC's. With the View menu I am hoping to have solved any issues relating to size.
Do you have a pc running any other versions of Windows than XP? I'd like to know if it works on there.
I doubt this will run on a non-windows OS since it's written in C# using Visual Studio.NET, but I know there are work-arounds. I have just lugged my Linux box up from the basement, so once I go gold with this, I'll try to get it running on there.

Beta 1.4

Beta v1.4 is now out. I believe I have a final working version of the emulation, but I have included the debugging program anyways. Please run it for me as the directions in Beta 1.3 indicate, so I can be sure.
Some bug fixes in this release include:
When running the program alongside the Java browser version on PokerRoom, it wasn't recognizing black cards. I had fixed this earlier, but when reverting to an earlier saved version of the program, it had undone the changes. Since I always use the downloadable version of PokerRoom, I never realized it was not working.
If you bring another window into the foreground, the program will no longer halt - unable to find the play area. Instead, it will keep looking for it once every second or two depending on the CPU setting.
I have also added a Stop button (Replacing the Go! button once started.) This button may still be a little buggy.

Beta 1.3

Beta v1.3 is now out. I've added a CPU menu to control how quickly it updates, and an options menu to contain all menu options. I have also written a little program for you the beta tester to help me out with. It is located in the DBG folder. After running Poker Roommate for awhile you may notice a build up of batch files being written into the dbg directory. (two for each hand to be exact.)
You can help me by, after playing for awhile, and you've finished with Poker Roommate, go into the DBG folder and run debug.exe. A new window should pop up, with 2 buttons. Click GO!. Be warned, this process could take a very long time depending on your CPU, and how many hands you've played. A bunch of command prompt windows will pop up, don't do anything until they all disappear. once they've all gone, click the button Part2. (this part will be very quick, I promise :) Now, in the directory will be 2 files ERRwinner.txt and ERRloser.txt. These are the files I need.
What this debugging program accomplishes is, I've been working on the emulator built into Poker Roommate from scratch - Each hand you get will emulate the set number of hands (100,1000, or 10000) - and output them into a file for debugging purposes. What debug.exe does is it compares Poker Roommate's outcome of each hand (i.e. if you were to win or lose against up to 9 other players with random cards) against a re-evaluated hand against the same 9 other hands, and makes sure it got the correct outcome. If it does not, it outputs the hand into ERRwinner or ERRloser with the erroneous respective hand. I've found thus far about a 1-2% error rate for the number of hands emulated. The odds given for each hand should be accurate.

Beta 1.2

Beta v1.2 is now out. I've added a View menu to change the size of the GUI, and embedded all those picture files. (I have also reduced the download size by about 1/2.) I've also added a configuration file so the settings you have on closing are the same as when you start up again. For the most part, it is completely functional. I'm just sorting out bugs now. This is where you come in.
It's still a little buggy. If it happens to hang up on you, the *best thing you could do for me is take a screen shot of the hand you've got so I can re-create the scenario. .bmp's format please; I only need the play area. - and email it to me here . If doing a screen shot is too much trouble, just send me a quick note of what cards you had, and I'll try to re-create it.
Otherwise, please let me know if it starts kicking out goofy #'s. I don't expect you to know the exact odds of getting a straight on the turn or river - but if you need 3 cards, and it says you've got a 100% chance, let me know about it. Again, a screen shot is nice, or you can just tell me what cards you had.
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