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Advertising Summary

There is no third party advertising software bundled with any version of Poker Roommate. But the free version is advertising supported. The ads Poker Roommate does show are fetched from the Poker Roommate server, or contained within the program itself. Poker Roommate will not hijack any web browsers, spy on you in any way, create any pop-ups or pop-unders during web browsing, or anything else that will interfere with the normal use of your PC. If you are having any of these problems, I highly recommend scanning your system with Adaware.

Purchase Advertising

  • By purchasing advertising on Poker Roommate you will receive space for one large and one small ad to appear on the Poker Roommate Software.
  • Just fill in the URL's of your advertisements, and click Buy Now.
  • Price subject to change.
  • This is a subscription service, so each month you will be billed an additional $5.99 as long as you would like to advertise on Poker Roommate.
  • You can cancel anytime.
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